Dating coach amanda torres dating someone half my age

She works for PUA Training and Attraction Explained, the company Adam and her co-founded in 2010.

, reactions from devotees of Stieg Larsson’s hit novels and Niels Arden Oplev’s Swedish film adaptation were mixed.

Look, for example, at the way Craig reacts after he receives a glancing blow across the forehead from a bullet - having had his graze stitched back up by Lisbeth, he sits around afterwards, whining about how much it hurts.

It’s easy to forget that Craig is also James Bond - and that’s the sign of a great actor.

Today, she works side by side with her husband as a dating expert, enjoying the satisfaction to travel around the world.

Currently, she writes her own blog about the best dining places, bars, pubs and excellent places for a perfect date in London, Los Angeles and Austin.

As the extraordinarily intelligent yet troubled Lisbeth, she balances strength and anger with the perfect touch of vulnerability - she’s strong, incisive and capable, and occasionally her actions border on the sociopathic, but underneath she’s alone and desperate for human contact.



Amanda Lyons participates in the creation of DVDs for their company on qualification, attraction, comfort, sexual escalation.Our clients have the opportunity to meet exceptional people through our exclusive selection process.


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