Dating in finland for love

I think that Finland is a very safe country, and you just need to use the same caution that you would use in your home country.Shady Areas for Women Alexandra says: There are no really dangerous areas for women.I have been told that I act more open and confident, and less aggressive than women they are used to.There is also small number of men who think that if you are friendly, and more outgoing, it also means that you are “easy.” Local women do not react much when hearing that I am a foreigner.There is also a bit of a mixed attitude about breastfeeding in society, but mothers are not made to feel awkward if they breastfeed in public.Dating Locals Alexandra says: Finnish men are shy at approaching women (and strangers in general).You can tell because women and men are treated the same in the workplace, with the same pay and opportunities.There is no discrimination on the street, and men treat women equally in everyday situations.



Oral contraceptives can be bought from the pharmacy once the prescription is received.

The Players – The men who are looking for a one-night stand or to score with some hot chick.

There are plenty of these and mostly look like typical nice guys at first.

Birth Control Alexandra says: All forms of contraception are available and legal in Finland.

Condoms can be bought from supermarkets, service stations, kiosks and pharmacies.The Expat – Men who have relocated to Finland for work, or study, or any other reason.


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    My fixed-smile mask, a smirk really, wasn't a confidence builder either.

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    If you do this you might come off as snobby - as many shy people unfortunately do - then people/women will dislike you. In college, some Nigeria chicks tried to give me a hard time b/c they thought I was "janded" for lack of a better word. Finally, like the 3rd time you talk to her, for whatever reason she's like "" And again you look at her like a mental patient b/c she's acting like one. Have patience b/c good things come to those who autmn i think u shld just trust ur boy friend and enjoy the privillages of a nigerian man because they really know how to make a woman feel good. Thank you all for your positive responses, I will embrace our similarities and work on our differences.

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