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(Later note: I was recently reading though that even in the 17th century rows of uniform terraces were already being built in London and when I remember where I was reading that I’ll post a link).

Simple trick, if you see a house in London with flush frames, you know it is early.

You’ll find others near Dean St and Greek St in Soho.

The fact that these buildings are still standing is either a testament to their original construction or (as is more likely the case as many original building methods were rather shoddy, being thrown up by enterprising builders and their fellow craftsmen during the initial year of their sub-lease, when no ground rent was due) to part luck and part determination and skill of later generations to preserve the buildings. Well, rather than simply just changes in preferred styles, the 1666 Great Fire of London was a catalyst for a series of laws dictating how windows should appear.

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Last time I mentioned this in public my ‘fun’ was dismissed.

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