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A number of obviously fake ticket validator dies have surfaced recently. The fakes all seem to have uniform size lettering, as shown on the Tower Grove die, and the letter spacing and wording is sometimes odd.The dies all seem to have been made for the Cosmo style of dater which was manufactured by the A. Contrast the Tower Grove fake with the Prescott authentic die for a comparison of styles.

Pullman came together through a common desire to explore instrumental acoustic music; an exploration that had no room for development in their other musical outlets.Release of Jamie Foxx's music video for "Blame It," which premiered on 106 & Park Top 10 Live (2000); and was directed by Hype Williams; with appearances by Ron Howard; Forest Whitaker; Jake Gyllenhaal; Samuel L.Jackson; Quincy Jones; Cedric the Entertainer; Morris Chestnut; Clifton Powell; Alex Thomas; De Ray Davis; Joe; ...Brokaw has toured and recorded with Steve Wynn, The New Year (featuring former members of Bedhead), completed another Come record and started his own solo recordings.


Mc Combs has toured and recorded with his own solo project (now a duo with Noel Kupersmith), Brokeback, and recorded another Tortoise record.It appears that the fake dies were made by the original company, A. Joslin, since they are well machined and fit Cosmo dater machines perfectly.



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